This is what street harassment looks like—in sixteen languages

10258460_10100448290344856_4466929269045265503_o38 stories of street harassment, 16 languages, 1 T-shirt: In preparation for a spoken word performance at the NYC Anti-Street Harassment Rally, I asked women I knew if they would write their experiences of street harassment on a T-shirt. What started out as a small project blossomed, as more and more women began to share their experiences with me, resulting in my shirt bearing thirty-eight stories of street harassment written in sixteen languages. I wrote an essay to tell the story behind the shirt, the translation of each instance of street harassment the shirt chronicles, as well as what the shirt demonstrates about the global, multicultural nature of street harassment—and how far we still have to go before every woman, everywhere, can feel safe and respected in her own body, as is her right. The essay was shared on Facebook by the National Organization for Women-New York City (NOW-NYC) and Stop Street Harassment.

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